Puchitto kurasuta- Switch NSP

Original Name ぷちっとクラスター
Release Year April 02, 2020
Genre Puzzle / Action / Adventure
Developer Urks Haven
Publisher Yuugengaisha ウルクスヘブン
Image Format NSP
Game Version 1.0
Language Japanese
Voice Japanese
Required firmware Yes (on 9.2.0, Atmosphere 0.10.5)
Multiplayer Up To 2 Players
Age rating 7+
Puchitto kurasuta- ぷちっとクラスター Switch NSP
Description:Play against cute characters!
An exhilarating action puzzle that matches the colors across the cards!
Simple rule to change the color of the sandwiched card to make one row!
Attack with magic when the color changes! If you change a lot, the magical power will be improved!
Let’s swell in an incandescent battle by quickly overlapping cards ♪Fun alone! Hot together! Game introduction ♪

ぷちっとキャラで可愛く対戦! カードをはさんで色を合わせる爽快アクションパズル!

はさんだカードの色を変えて列を1色にする簡単ルール! 色が変わると魔法で攻撃!たくさん変わると魔法の力もぐーんとアップ! カードをすばやく重ねてはさんで白熱バトルで盛り上がろう♪ 一人で楽しい!二人で熱い!ゲーム紹介♪

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