Pokémon Sword + Update 1.2.1 Switch NSP XCI NSZ

Pokémon™ Sword Box Art
Release Year Nov 15, 2019
Genre Role-Playing, Adventure
Developer GAME FREAK Inc.
Publisher Nintendo
Image Format NSP XCI NSZ
Game Version 1.2.1
Language English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese ,Korean ,Chinese
Performance verified 10.0.4, Atmosphere 0.13)
Multiplayer up to 4 players
Age rating 7+

Description: Begin your adventure as a Pokémon Trainer by choosing one of three new partner Pokémon: Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble. Then embark on a journey in the new Galar region, where you’ll challenge the troublemakers of Team Yell, while unraveling the mystery behind the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta! Explore the Wild Area, a vast expanse of land where the player can freely control the camera. Team up with three other players locally or online in the new multiplayer co-op Max Raid Battles* in which players will face off against gigantic and super-strong Pokémon known as Dynamax Pokémon.


Pokemon Sword and Shield + Update 1.2.1 + 2DLC  [NSZ] 9.92 GB

Pokemon Sword Update +1.2.1 + 2DLC [XCI] 11.3 GB

ID= 0100ABF008968000 (EU-US)
Base  NSZ 3.89 GB Uptobox1Fichier
Base  NSP 9.89GB  Uptobox1Fichier
Base EUR XCI 9.89GB Uptobox1Fichier
Update 1.2.1 NSP NEW 1.8 GB Uptobox 1Fichier
2 DLC Expansion Pass 2 MB ZippyshareUptobox 1Fichier
Base + v1.2.1 + 2DLC XCI 11 GB Uptobox1Fichier


Base + v1.2.0 + 2DLC XCI 11 GB 1Fichier
Update 1.1.0 NSP 697 MB 1Fichier
Update 1.1.1 NSP 697 MB 1Fichier
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242 Replies to “Pokémon Sword + Update 1.2.1 Switch NSP XCI NSZ”

    1. Hello, I downloaded the xci file that comes with the 2 dlc and version 1.2.1, but the game comes out that it is version 1.0 and no dlc, does anyone know how to fix the 2 dlc? should I unzip it or something?

    1. NSZ is a compressed and optimized Nintendo Switch eshop .NSP of a smaller size, which does not require preliminary unpacking when installing on Switch (only the installation file itself is compressed, the volume of occupied files on the console is exactly the same as when installing .NSP, it does not decrease).
      The format is fully supported by the dbi + nsusbloader installer;
      everything happens transparently, no additional actions need to be done, you can install games as usual.

    1. U can download in nsp or xci
      NSZ is a compressed and optimized Nintendo Switch eshop .NSP of a smaller size, which does not require preliminary unpacking when installing on Switch (only the installation file itself is compressed, the volume of occupied files on the console is exactly the same as when installing .NSP, it does not decrease).
      The format is fully supported by the dbi + nsusbloader installer;
      everything happens transparently, no additional actions need to be done, you can install games as usual.

  1. NCA signature verification failed… anyone else having this issue? I know why it happens and how to work around it but I rather be cautious

  2. I Think is interesting you to up the NSP.Torrent in this ans current games. People are yet in 8.01. and the servers for GD always are temporary unavaliable and mega has a daily limit.

    thanks for the attention

  3. the nsz file doesn’t work. I renamed it to .nsp and after install i get an error, after the second time i tried to open it it says corrupted data.

  4. Working in 8.1.0 athmosphere 0.9.4. nsz installing with tinfoil 6.0.0, copy in your sd card, find the nsz and install

  5. Sabes si el NSZ esta funcionando para instalarlo. nunca he instalado este formato, pero entiendo que el nuevo tinfoil y litium pueden.

  6. Hi, which programs have we to use to install .nsz files, or how to decompress it to .nsp files ?
    Do you have some links toward tutorials? ^^

  7. To install the .nsz file you just need either sx installer or tinfoil installed on your switch. Then you have to enable unsigned code, you’ll find this under “options” and you’ll have to put in a code. The code is “up up down down left right left right ba +”. After that you gotta go to your sd card, select the .nsz file and select “install”. That’s all hope it helps

  8. Hello friends!! First of all thank you very much for bringing us this incredible contribution! , a question is in Spanish? Since I’m from Argentina. Regards

  9. I had to use nsb to patch to 8.0.1 for the nsz to install on, tried twice with base nsp decompressed both time got corruption.

  10. Omfg thank you so much. You are a god!!
    Do you know if we will be able to trade to the official version locally? Castle crashers local hacked worked with legit local so I’m very very curious about this. Thanaks again!! I am wondering if maybe the Pokémon themselves r labeled as hacked. Idk I wanna doit right but if I can be wrong then let it be haha.

  11. Xci torrent file works awesome on sxos 2.9.2 with fw 9.1.

    Thank you for that great Upload. I purchased this game but now i can try it mich earlier Thal the release.

  12. Please, how do you did it? I get always the same error: sigpatches ! I’m with 9.0.1 and atmosphere 0.9.4. Nsp won’t install, neither xci…

  13. i have xecuter pro 2.9.2 software 9.0 and its just white says unknown developer and can’t read xci file. Guys any ideas? I D love to play this game:/

  14. Hey No matter what download I use NSP or XCI converted to NSP it crashes right near to the start of the game ‘error has occurred’ does anyone know what’s causing this issue and how to resolve it ?

    All the best

  15. The game has already launched in places like Australia. Is the nsp file of the official game launched the one in display here?

  16. yes very good, before doing the patch my game keep hanging at the beginning. Now after the sig patch at hbappstore, i can finally play it!

  17. i cant get it to work, i get a error msg saying The key for this application type and crypto revision could not be found.

  18. on yuzu i cant get it to work, i get a error msg saying The key for this application type and crypto revision could not be found.

    does the above video apply?

  19. Thank you I tried using the NSP file with goldleaf usb but it didn’t work so I did some research about NSZ file on youtube. it worked out and the file size is smaller than NSP. if anybody having trouble I can link you to the video I watch. plus the two NSZ file are sword and shield.

  20. It work Perfectly at the first cut scene, then after cut scene why cant i move? i already set the controller confiq. Please help

  21. I installed using goldlead, the game freeze once i finish the opening. Tried both Sword and Shield and same issue happen. Any solution?

  22. Guys i cant use xci on Yuzu, i only can choose the language and tipe my name, after that i only see the eyes from character. anyone have a solution or better emulator as yuzu?

    My System

    Ryzen 7 2700x
    Radeon RX 5700 XT (Thicc III Ultra)
    Corsair 16GB 3200
    Msi 450B Gaming Pro Carbon
    Samsung Evo 970PlusPro

  23. Tengo un problema, el juego se me crasea siempre cuando cambio de ciudad, es decir en los tiempos de carga, a que se debe? que puedo hacer?

  24. thank u guys, for the update so soon, really happy with it. installed with nut + tinfoil directly in pc, and its amazing.

    I didnt understand the expansion pass so soon, is it working? I’m really scared to test it. Someone leave a reply pls

  25. Hello Guys,
    for you to be able to install the new update you need the latest software 9.1.0 on your nintendo.

    I was facing the same issue but after installing the latest update I managed to install the update without erros + the DLC.

    once I am on the game and press x the Expansion pass shows but I do not know how to activate it.
    Anyone already tried?
    I am using team Xecuter OS SX. The expansion pass ask to go to Nintendo Shop.

  26. I install the DLC and the expansion packs on my switch with 9.1.0 SXOS; all installs are ok without errors. But now what to do?? Cannot find anything new inside the game….

  27. Hi all, noticed most don’t seem to have too many issues other than activating DLC ingame. my issue slightly different, loaded Sword and update with no real issues, but EVERY time and version of the expansion pass (in tinfoil) keeps coming up with the “it’s a garbage file” error, tired from different locations to test the DLC file and i’m not sure why EVERY version of the file gives the same error.

    Switch O/CFW – 9.1.0 | AMS 0.10.1|E
    Pokemon Sword V1.1.0

    Thanks for help on this.

  28. i am getting stuck at the first scene (when my avatar sits alone at his home and cant get past it) im on a computer with yuzu

  29. strident….instala el expansion pass a traves de goldleaf…es la unica manera de que me cojen los DLC en todos los juegos, a traves sde lithium me dice que son basuraaaaa

  30. So I downloaded this Pokemon Sword and Shield + Update 1.1.1 [NSZ] 9.02 GB
    Do I need to download anything else?

  31. Hi, i was wondering if yuzu can run the p.sword nsz file ? I want to download it because it has smaller download size.

  32. Can you help me with the files? I downloaded the sword and shield + update NSZ file then tried to drag the downloaded file into the yuzu emulator and it says the file isn’t supported. I’m new to this stuff… could you help me out?

    1. NSP is eshop file work on hacked switch & emulator
      NSZ is compressed eshop file work only on hacked switch
      XCI is cart game copy of game include all update & dlcs work on hacked switch & emulator

  33. Anyone manage to make the isle of armor dlc works on yuzu?
    Im at the part where i have to battle galar slowpoke and when the battle starts,slowpoke turned into wild egg and i can’t catch it, so the dlc can’t continue from there.

  34. Base + v1.2.0 + 2DLC XCI
    I downloaded this and it shows Pokemon Sword in YUZU but when i click properties it still shows its only version 1.0.0

    any idea how to update this?

  35. Base + v1.2.0 + 2DLC XCI

    Is not working for me, the system returns an error when starting the game then soft-locks and you need to force turn-off the system.

    I’d guess the DLCs are not working. I tried updating the games first before replacing the base game with super XCI but the same error occurs.

    Running SXOS on latest official firmware.

    1. 1.- I’ve removed the updates (that includes the expansion passes I hope) leaving only the base XCIs for both Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield.

      2.- I have updated the base XCI games to the latest version 1.2 using the original firmware.

      3.- I’ve booted SXOS custom firmware and tried both games and the same error appears.

      It looks like the 1.2 update breaks both games, there’s no telling if the DLCs work because the games cannot be started.

  36. Question, dlc files cannot be viewed with tinfoil or goldleaf. I was only able to install the update (1.8 GB), the expansion pass now appears in the menu but requests eshop. I suppose that the second file unlocks the pass (2 DLC Expansion Pass NEW 2 MB) but I cannot install it, do I have to copy it inside some folder only?
    firm:9.0.0|Ams 0.9.4/s

  37. For those having problems what worked for me is installing it via goldleaf, the dlc needs to renamed beforehand something like DLC 1 and DLC 2 or whatever, for some odd reason gold leaf couldn’t find it with its original name.
    Hopefully this helps you.

  38. yesterday works find with dlc, this morning start the game and my save was erased, the game don’t save anymore, each time i launch, it’s begin a new game

  39. the update not working and i have install 1.2.0. and the dlc. i have sxos 3.0.2 its close the game somthing is wrong…. i tested also atmosphäre same problem i dont no wy pls help
    my console is on 10.0.4

  40. “Base + v1.2.0 + 2 DLC XCI” works fine after deleting the Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield folders under SXOS/titles.

    The error appears because the updated games are not compatible with older mods, you may need to restart after deleting the folders for changes to take effect.

    On a side note, the stand-alone 1.2.0 updates don’t work if playing the base XCI games, I had to use the “super” XCI versions and they have no issues.

    Running SX OS on latest official firmware (10.0.4).

  41. For those of you having issues with dlc install the base game,then the update,then dlc but make sure you rename the file it does not like é on the e. I made mine “Pokemon Sword The Isle of Armor” the accent on the e omg i cant.

  42. I performed the update 1.2.0.nsp, however the two archquvos dlc .nsp do not install. An error appears in SXOS, version 3.0.2, Nand version 10.0.4.

  43. i just dwonload Update 1.2.0 NSP NEW but everytime i want to extract it says in unknown format or damaged
    why ?

  44. Help please i just keep getting the software was closed because an error occured, any ideas its the same on both sword and shield.

  45. Does anyone know why my game freezes and crashes now. It worked yesterday and then today everything freezes.

  46. Can anyone help with this please both on sword and shield it cuts out 5 mins into either game, saying the software was closed because an error has occured. I have updated to 1.2.0 tried with and without dlc still the same, i have taken the e` out and replaced with e, i have updated atmosphere and firmware to latest editions. I would be so grateful for any help to solve this?

  47. i got the game updated and using the game cartridge ans the game is eu, goldleaf or tinfoil can’t istall the dlc file. does anyone found a way to install those 2 files?

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