Outlast Bundle of Terror Switch NSP

Release Date : 27th Feb 2018
Genre : Action, Adventure,Horror
Publisher : Red Barrels
Developer : Red Barrels
Region : USA
Mode(s) : Single-player
Platform(s) : Nintendo Switch
Type : NSP (Switch eShop)
Size : 5.7 GB
Selective Torrent NSP
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Description: In the distant mountains of Colorado, inside Mount Massive Asylum lives a real horror. The abandoned psychiatric hospital was restored by the “research and charity” wing of the Murkoff Corporation. In the atmosphere of the strictest secrecy, the hospital continued to work … until today. Having received an anonymous message, independent journalist Miles Apshur penetrates the hospital where he is waiting for discovery: everything in Mount Massive is subject to an incredible confluence of science and religion, natural and abnormal … from imprisonment.

Find out the dark history of Murkoff in the Outlast: Whistleblower DLC Supplement. You will be in the role of Waylon Park, a software specialist working for Murkoff. It was he who sent anonymous messages to journalists around the world, one of which was miles. After spending several weeks at Mount Massive, during which he could not even communicate with his wife and son, Weylon developed a persistent aversion to selfish scientists and doctors conducting dangerous and irresponsible experiments on patients. Understanding the fate of these unfortunates, Veylon decided to tell the world what is really going on in Mount Massive. He will tell us about the events preceding the original story, and also will let you know about the last days of the psychiatric hospital Mount Massive.
Real survival horror. You have no weapons, the only way to survive in the hospital is to hide or run.
Realistic graphics. Explore the frightening world in all its details with high-quality graphics.
Hide and make your way past enemies using items from parkour.
Unpredictable enemies. You never know when and from where one of the creepy inhabitants of the hospital will appear.
Realistic story. The scene and characters in Outlast are taken from real asylums and criminal cases.

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