Nintendo Switch Online: SNES NSP XCI

Release Year Sep 05, 2019
Genre Other
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Image Format NSP XCI
Game Version 1.4.0
Language French,  English,  Spanish, Portuguese , Italian, Korean, Russian, Japanese ,Chinese
Required firmware Yes (on 10.0.2, Atmosphere 0.12 & SX OS 2.9.4)
Multiplayer up to 2 players
Age rating 12+

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Switch Online NSP XCI

Description: Play classic SNES games anywhere, anytime!
You get access to the growing library of Super Nintendo Entertainment System games that are easy and simple to play! Share the Joy-Con controller with a friend for a joint gaming session – you can play together, as in the good old days.


SNES ID=01008D300C50C000 (America, Europe) US (eng), UK (eng), FR, DE, LAT (spa), SPA, IT, DU, CAD (fr), POR, RU, KOR
Base NSP 112.9 MB Uptobox1Fichier
Update 1.4.0 NSP 110 MB Uptobox1Fichier
Base + v1.4.0 XCI 176 MB Uptobox1Fichier
Super Famicom ID=0100E8600C504000 (Japan, Asia) JP, TW (ch), CH
Base NSP 112 MB Uptobox – 1Fichier
Update 1.4.0 NSP 102 MB Uptobox1Fichier
Base + v1.4.0 XCI 222 MB Uptobox – 1Fichier
OLD Multi Download
SNES_Online_V1.1.0_Eur_Super.xci 166.4 MB
SNES – Super Nintendo Switch Online[293 ROMs].nsp 1.02 GB ! 53.5 MB
SNES +184 Roms.rar 687.9 MB OLD!
SNES – Super Nintendo Switch Online[v0].nsp 112.03 MB Old!
SNES – Super Nintendo Switch Online[Eur].xci 112.03 MB Old!

41 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Online: SNES NSP XCI”

  1. It makes me connect to internet and link my nintendo account. If I’ll do that, then I will be banned instantly as my switch has SX OS installed.

  2. para que funcione sin vincular cuenta Tiene que instalar “Kefir Updater” el cual genera una cuenta para juegos que piden vincular cuentas Switch

    to work without linking account You have to install “Kefir Updater” which generates an account for games that ask to link Switch accounts

  3. i install 1.1 update and now crash at start
    after delete all and reinstall original one switch say that i have to update game to play
    what i can do?

  4. Same problem, you need delete the game, install the base game and install update, now you can play only the officials games, you can’t use the mode until someone make a new version with the update.

  5. I install “SNES – Nintendo Switch Online (544 ROMs)+ update 1.1.0c [NSP] 1.47 GB”, after delete and install original SNES base and SNES 1.1.0 update and crash after launch? Because?

  6. Using the latest Torrent NSP file here… How would I remove unwanted roms? would a layeredFS version be possible for easier modification?

  7. Can you do something about the latest switch version? I updated to 9.0.1 since then this game doesnt work, same with nes and youtube 🙁

  8. It would be cool if we could get an update for much appreciated. Got the NES version working without issue

  9. Hey, thanks for that!
    The torrent link simply won’t work, unfortunately. It says “Please wait…” forever… 🙁 I was looking forward to downloading it, since I can’t access the official one on my Switch anymore (Banned! haha)
    Hope it’ll be fixed, thanks anyway.

  10. The torrent link is broken. It gives a cloudflare page saying the destination is down. Its the only one with all the 500 roms so I really don’t want to download the other one,

  11. Hi. I had installed the 1.2.0 SNES Switch Online version but this only works on 1.1.0. I uninstalled the 1.2.0 and installed again to 1.1.0 but cant install your pack, system assumes and already know that there is a 1.2.0 version and dont let me install your. How can I denifetly delete any file that tell the system that there is a 1.2.0 version? I am using SX OS at 9.1.0. Thank you.

  12. Descargue solo los archivos torrent. Intale la primero la base nsp y después del mod, pero al correr el juego, trona y me lanza error sxos que se debe de reiniciar la consola. Uso emunand 10.0.2 sxos

    1. ami si me corrio bien , hasta el punto que no aparece los juegos y se queda bloqueada la aplicacion. Atmopshere , por pegascape

  13. I’m on 10.0.2 and SXOS 2.9.5 and the “SNES – Nintendo Switch Online (544 ROMs) v1.1.0c [NSP] 1.47 GB” does not work. It asks to update the game. What should I do?

  14. I can’t get “SNES – Nintendo Switch Online (544 ROMs) v1.1.0c [NSP] 1.47 GB” to work on 10.0.2 and 2.9.5 SX OS. It asks to udate the game. How can I solve this?

  15. I can’t get “SNES – Nintendo Switch Online (544 ROMs) v1.1.0c [NSP] 1.47 GB” to work on 10.0.2 and 2.9.5 SX OS. It asks to udate the game. How can I solve this?

  16. To install “SNES – Nintendo Switch Online (544 ROMs) v1.1.0c [NSP] 1.47 GB” in any version, first use “SX INSTALLER” in “SNES – Super Nintendo Switch Online [v0] .nsp – Base” and then using “Goldleaf” in “SNES – Nintendo Switch Online (544 ROMs) v1.1.0c [NSP] 1.47 GB” you will have the application without notification of update!!!

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