Mortal Kombat 11 + Update 1.0.22 + All DLC Switch NSP XCI NSZ

Release Year 2019, April
Genre Fighting
Developer Shiver Entertainement, NetherRealm Studios
Publisher WB Games
Image Format NSP XCI NSZ
Game Version 1.0.22
Language French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, English
Required firmware 10.2.0, Atmosphere or SX OS
Multiplayer up to 8 people
Age rating 17+
Description: Mortal Kombat is back, and the new Best chapter of the cult series will be even cooler. Completely new options for personalizing the hero will provide unprecedented opportunities to customize the fighters and give them unique individual traits. The new graphic technology will demonstrate every furious moment in all bloody details, take you into the heart of a deadly battle and make you feel every ferocious reception. Get ready for a meeting with new characters and classic characters in a best-in-class cinematic storyline campaign that will continue the legendary saga 25 years long.

Mortal Kombat 11 + Update 1.0.22 + 26 DLC[NSZ] 28.37 GB

Base NSP 6.53 GB GdriveUptoboxMega1Fichier
Base XCI 6.90 GB UptoboxMega1Fichier
Base NSZ 5.54 GB GdriveUptoboxMega1Fichier
Update 1.0.22 NSP 24.86 GB UptoboxMega1Fichier
26 DLC+Aftermatch NSP 3.08 MB Gdrive Uptobox Mega1Fichier
Base + v1.0.22 + 26 DLC 31.4 GB Uptobox1Fichier

Old Update

Update 1.0.20 NSP 23.9 GB UptoboxMega
Base + v1.0.20 + 26 DLC XCI 30.5 GB UptoboxMeg
Update 1.0.19 NSP 23.9 GB UptoboxMega
Base + v1.0.19 + 26 DLC XCI 30.5 GB UptoboxMega
Base + v1.0.18 + 26 DLC NSP 30.5 GB UptoboxMega
Base + v1.0.18 + 26 DLC XCI 30.5 GB UptoboxMega
Update 1.0.13 v851968 NSP 18.1 GB Uptobox Mega
Update 1.0.14 v851968 NSP 18.1 GB UptoboxMega
Update 1.0.15 NSP 18.1 GB Uptobox
Update 1.0.16 NSP 18.1 GB UptoboxMega
Base + v1.0.16 + 18 DLC XCI 25.11 GB UptoboxMega
Update 1.0.17 NSP 38.7 GB Uptobox
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174 Replies to “Mortal Kombat 11 + Update 1.0.22 + All DLC Switch NSP XCI NSZ”

    1. which adds the update ?, game modes, characters ?, because the base version works correctly without theM

    1. you need to download latest reinx or whatever you use . and atmosphere 0.8.7 and just replace them in your switch. after push new rainex.bin or whatever you use form pc or payload injector .. just google them, its easy to find))

          1. eu to com esse problema, eu tenho o Kefir, oque eu faço com ele? me explica ou manda um video pelo amor de ZEUS! <3

    1. Yes, it works perfectly on sx os 2.6.2 using goldleaf 0.5. I has finished the game yesterday and it seems to me to be an unfinished version of the game. There is a flaw that displays information about the recording of the video in the chapter of Jax and Jacqui Briggs and an error in the fatality of Noob when run against Cassie Cage, but the rest is ok. I just thought that it seems to me that there were more scenes missing at the end of the game, not ending this way..

  1. que agrega el dlc ?. shao khan dlc funciona, pero los otros no saben lo que agrega. Gracias
    Tengo la misma duda Brooo

  2. Me aparece actualizando datos del juego infinitamente…. Qué hacen para que corra?
    Instalé actualización, juego base y los dlc, reinx 2.2.5 y con goldleaf
    modo avión y todo, no me funciona

  3. Não funciona na versão .XCI Aparece mensagem de “Não foi possível ler o cartão do jogo. Remove-o e volta a inserir”

  4. Hello :). Please tell me what is wrong. I have atmosphere 8.1.0 ( Atmosphere 0.9.1). Mortal Kombat and FIFA 19 ask to turn off fly mode, after that ask to link an account. What I should do ? Thanks

  5. Hi, i just would like to understand with these two .nsp files :
    Mortal Kombat 11 [0100F2200C984000].nsp 6.53 GB (Uptobox – Mega – 1Fichier)
    Mortal Kombat 11 [0100F2200C984800][v655360].nsp 18.68 GB Update 1.0.10 (Uptobox – Mega – 1Fichier)
    Is the first one the base-game and the second the update ? (6.53 Go + 18.68 Go)
    Or is only the second file the base-game + update (18.68 Go)
    I have a doubt that just an update can be so giant !!

  6. Hi, and thanx a lot 4 ur quick answer ^^
    That was my first idea, but a so huge update created a doubt ^^
    Thanks again to all for your great job, and keep it up 🙂

  7. hi, ty for MOD unlock kollection but how do we proceed with the installation? do we have to run EDIZON or is it just copy / paste?

  8. buenas si pueen ayudar con la version 1.13 porque no me deja correr con la 1.12 se queda en negro despues de salir el logo.

  9. Hi, I need help.
    I have MK 11 base file in nsz and update file in nsz, too.
    I’m using goldbricks to instal NSZ files, and so far works fine.

    After installing the base, i installed the update file.
    When it’s done, I notice the size of the MK 11 game is still around 6gb, which means the update file does not really apply. And when I played it says “corrupt detected”. Did I do anything wrong?

    Thank you in advance for all the suggestions.

    1. @Nintendero me sale lo mismo ““SE HA CERRADO EL PROGRAMA A CAUSA DE UN ERROR” si lo logras solucionar me avisas por favor

  10. Alguien ya soluciono el problema de “SE HA CERRADO EL PROGRAMA A CAUSA DE UN ERROR” o Alguien sabe por que sucede
    Someone already solved the problem of “THE PROGRAM IS CLOSED BECAUSE OF AN ERROR” or does anyone know why it happens



  12. Estou tendo o mesmo erro usando a última update, !Ocorreu um erro e a aplicação foi encerrada” Não faço ideia de como solucionar…

  13. at: Ra/aaaa – He know that he greedy link generator. Not only advert clicks but generating $0.1c from Uptobox – Mega. Sad – I still use these suckers though, He must of gone to Nintendo business SCHOOL, but I love you more than Nintendo keep up the good work.

  14. I installed version 1.0.15 but now I’m stuck at the “Updating Game Data” message… I uninstalled and re-installed several times, but still getting stuck at that message and it proceed any further. Any idea why this is happening ? Or anyone know how to overcome this issue ? Appreciate your help please. Thanks.

  15. As posted by Netherrealm Studios:
    UPD 1.0.16 contains this changes

    Below are the release notes for the 04/23/20 Mortal Kombat 11 Nintendo Switch patch:


    This patch adds support for Traditional Chinese text.

  16. Arthas91 Looks like the same file to me. All of the links go to a 2mb file, not 70mb and the filename is the same as the 18 DLC unlocker.

  17. Base+v1.0.16+18DLC XCI

    There is an error when I try to start it. At first I thought it was the Switch version, but nop. Someone can tell me how to fix it or make it work? And I can see Im not the only one with this issue.

    1. Si es por la actualización de datos, solo conectala poe un momento a wifi para vincular cuenta luego cuando ya este iniciado lo ponew en modo avión denuevo

  18. Base+v1.0.16+18DLC nsp

    I’m stuck on Updating page. I have ams 0.10.4
    I try to re install several times but nothing change
    Could anyone help me?

    1. Common issue for most that install skipping the first few updates. You have to have your Switch account linked with a Nintendo account. Kefir updater can help you.

  19. Base + v1.0.16 + 18 DLC XCI
    using latest sx os +latest switch firmware gets me also an error, when i try to start the game.

  20. Salio updaTe a
    DLC Pack (25 DLCs)(Aftermath Story and Fighter DLCs Included. Descargado falta update game 1.0.17

  21. Amigo el nuevo update. 1.17 da error en el wnlace nl existe para descaragar en 1ficher

    Porfavor y gracias amigo

  22. Can we Please get some seeders in the torrent!! It’s useless and tbh torrents from thr site have all been slipping.

    1. Reinstall it again! I installed the game v1.17 with all dlcs with awoo-installer-noir V1.3.2b on OFW 10.0.2 with Ams v0.12.0 and all works perfect! Maybe this helps you?

  23. i create a super xci with basegame+upd1.0.17+all dlcs+aftermath (everything) but doesnt work, i use nscb software, the console said this is not a cartridge

  24. Have a question. I had it installed and had all characters before the aftermath update. After the update it asks me to link an account, I press skip and see all the dlc characters pictures but can’t use them. Running SXOS with emunand updated to latest firmware. What can I do?

  25. installed Update v1.0.17 with base, but closes after an unexpected error i’m on 8.0.0 ams0.12.0s

    do i have to install the 25 dlc 1 by 1? or does it include it the update

  26. on 10.0.3 & Atmosphere .12, I’ve installed base, patch 17, and dlc. nsp. All installs fine, run the game I get the MK 11 title screen, then goes blank. I’ve reinstalled 3 times and same issue. Was working fine on patch 16. What could I be doing wrong? Pls Help

      1. It shows .nsp in the torrent file.
        Maybe it is trimmed or it has the wrong extention?
        Anyways, i couldnt make this game work with the Aftermath update. It always gives me an error screen at boot.

  27. Folks, please inform when the below file will be available to be downloaded:

    Base + v1.0.18 + 26 DLC XCI 30.5 GB Uptobox – Mega – 1Fichier

  28. Base + v1.0.18 + 26 DLC XCI 30.5 GB Uptobox – Mega – 1Fichier
    Got error when launching it.
    SX OS 3.0.2 beta and FW 10.0.4

  29. Excellent xci file ,.,. thanks but please always patch the xci file to lower firmware like 8.0.0 or 7.0.0 or max 9.0.0 ,.,

  30. Base + v1.0.18 + 26 DLC XCI ne fonctionne pas ! Cela me demande la cartouche au lancement.

    Avec SXOS 3.0.3.

    Avez vous une solution ?


  31. Excelente funcionaba . se cierra y tira error de datos al querer jugar modo historia aftermath. Juegoncon cuenta linked

  32. Base + v1.0.20 + 26 DLC XCI not working on SX OS 3.0.4 getting the game card could not be read error. Re-downloaded three times same error.

  33. The last update still says “Updating Game Data”?, because this can only be solved by connecting to the internet, which is not recommended, so this game is unplayable on hack consoles.

  34. Base + v1.0.20 + 26 DLC XCI Please upload it as 1Fichier. As the higher update does not work unless you connect to the internet. Thank you in advance.

  35. Game runs fine, but I can’t seem to amass any money. Or customize the characters… Anyone having this issue? And it’s always asking to turn of flight mode too.

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