bayala – the game Switch NSZ

bayala - the game
Release Year 2019, October
Genre Adventure
Developer NA
Publisher NA
Image Format NSZ
Game Version 1.0
Language German, English, Spanish, French, Italian
Voice English
Performance verified Yes (on 9.0.1, Atmosphere 0.9.4)
Multiplayer no
Age rating 7+

Description: A spellbinding fairy adventure: Accompany Surah on the magical journey across bayala.

The game based on the movie! When the dragons disappear, the power of magic might vanish, too. Together with Surah, you set off on an adventure-packed journey through forests, into caves and across bayala’s Dragon Mountains. Face off against the evil Shadow Queen Ophira, save bayala from certain doom, and bring back the magic!


Multi Download

bayala – the game [01002CE00ECF2000][v0].nsz

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